So, How Deep Was It?

Deep enough that son's winter break has started 3 days early.  He as happy as he can be, but reminded him all the snow days have been most likely used upwith this storm and he may face an extended school year in the spring.  Right now though, he doesn't care.  He 'says' he'll use the extra time to finish up the remaining college applications he has.  Yeah, right. If he does this without me getting on his case at least 3 times, then I am a long lost member of the Royal House of Windsor.

Spent most of the past 2 days shoveling and have more facing me as the back deck has a good 2 feet + of snow on it and it needs to be shoveled off without too much more delay.


Its so bad even the Feds have declared a holiday here today, which should keep traffic light.  One phenomena here is when there is a federal holiday, the difference in commuter traffic is as different as night and day.

Wife lost 2 days of pay simply because we cannot get out of out subdivision.  Once out the main roads are quite passable. Today though think she needs to get to work, if nothing else to get off our nerves.


I envy neighbor Cat. 


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