The Hot Dogs of Late Summer


Was poking around in the fridge yesterday and spotted this pack of leftover hotdogs, which I probably bought in back in early September.  Had assumed they'd all been consumed long ago, but guess not.  I really don't like wasting food now and think I've been pretty good at making sure we don't, but at the same time, these guys have been around in an opened pack for a while too.


Still I survived pink tofu waaay back in the day in Japan so…….


Aftermath:  Consumed both for lunch yesterday(9/20), with no ill effects.  While I am thankful for being spared another bout of food poisioning, being able to eat these hot dogs long after they were purchased, speaks volumes on the stuff in them to keep them preserved.

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One Response to The Hot Dogs of Late Summer

  1. Nicole says:

    They are cool just like my newly installed underground electric dog fence!

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