W T F ?? !!!!!

It takes a lot to get my jaw to drop, but this, this morning………….


For a brief second, I though some blogger had little else to do on a Saturday night and did a Photoshop job, but nope……  And the official WH spin is that the current WH occupant was simply following protocol???!!!!!


OK, then what about this



And this,



And this?


Just who in hell is advising  the current WH occupant?! Or is this some bizarre PC driven act?  Or perhaps as I now strongly suspect , the current WH occupant is hell-bent on channeling one of the 20th century's biggest Presidential mistakes. Carter (the other is probably Harding).

Yeah, yeah, Bush I lost his cookies at a state dinner  in Tokyo and Bush II couldn't find the exit door in China. Both were embarrassing but on a かわいいそうlevel for Bush I andどんくさい for Bush II.  Embarrassing  but overall, harmless.


But besides embarrassing (and I suspect to the Imperial Family and many Japanese are too.  As for those 'nice boyz' in those dark sound trucks…), little things such as these send out the wrong signals that can have unpleasant implications later on. F'r instance Truman's S of State Acheson a smart man, but an off-hand remark about what was and wasn't covered under the U.S. umbrella in Asia, was interpreted in Pyongyang & Moscow as a green light for the invasion of the southern half of the Korean peninsula, leading to…..


Am aware many on Vox voted for and adore the current WH occupant, but I see him more and more as one and done in 2012.

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4 Responses to W T F ?? !!!!!

  1. I think Obama was correct and the others were the ones who were wrong. I think he has probably gained respect. Does it really matter? Michelle Obama touched Queen Elizabeth during their visit there are few months ago, and that is a social no no, but the world didn't stop. Don't sweat the small stuff.

  2. An Ex-Expat says:

    Sorry, but its the difference between lighting and lighting bug between touching a reiging monarch and bowing as the head of a soverign state to the titual head of anoher government. Its not done.

    A polite, respectful greeting, yes. A bow, no.

  3. jebuff says:

    You're supposing Obama's bow was a symbol of subservience. I'd suggest it was meant as simple politesse, and accepted as such. This "incident" received no headlines in the international press… Only in the right wing tabloids and FOX. The over-attention from the far-right on symbolism (this bow, his wearing or not wearing a US flag lapel pin) feels like those that don't like Obama are looking for ways to "catch him out" on minor details, as if that would discredit his policies.This is silly. Let's move past the lies about his birth certificate, the lies about his religion, the exaggerations about his relationship to Acorn. Yes, he bowed. Yes he said "Salam Alecum". He's working to restore America's image overseas after Bush trashed it, and I think that's a fine thing.If you don't like his policies, deal with them directly.

  4. An Ex-Expat says:

    "You're supposing Obama's bow was a symbol of subservience. " I don't suppose, it was; a thing a head of state does not do to another head of state left or right poltics aside.
    "If you don't like his policies, deal with them directly."
    That I intend to do, in 2010 and in 2012.

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