Bacon Makes it All Goooood

Spotted 2 steaks yesterday, marked down nearly half price which seemed odd as the cuts seemed still fairly fresh.  But what the hell, son has a damned decent report card (one B and the rest A's) and thought he deserved a nice reward.  BTW, after all these years of hectoring him, there was almost nothing in the way of any 'attaboy' comment from his mother, but that's not the main point here.


So I started to grille one of the cuts for his dinner. Its a huge piece as you can see below; enough at least for 2 if not 3 people's portions in Japan I think.  Told him to season it up to his liking and then I'd get cooking.  He wanted to put a couple of slices of bacon over, around -whatever the steak.  Said 'no' to that-that's just overkill, or excess for the sake of excess. Can't imagine how it'd improve the steak either.


Was also in for a surprise later has he pretty much finished off the entire thing.  


My son, the carnivore



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