Somebody’s Going to be Pissed

First, any guesses as to what this is, or rather, was?




It a pastry/bread rolling pin, purchased by wife in Japan and its not cheap. Think it was something like 10,000 yen or so.


WTF happened?  Well someone, not I, when loading the dishwasher, put this on the bottom rack (I always have put this on the top rack) and when I went to wash the dishes that day, my guess is the water jets may have pushed this off the rack and on to the heating/drying element, which is ok, until the dry cycle comes on.


Why didn't I notice it?  It was buried under some bowls and had it fallen down as the tray was pushed forward and the loading door closed, I would have noticed as it would have caught somewhere.  I realized something was up as the dish washer was in the drying cycle and smelt something odd coming from somewhere, go to the dishwasher to find smoke mingled with steam coming out in abundance.


What does this say? That someone, not me again, is very, very careless and as this is not the first time, doesn't seem to get the point.  As to the dishwasher,  I had to gently scrape the carbonized plastic off the dryer element and then run the wash again as the smell had got stuck on all  plates, bowls glasses mugs and eating utensils that were in there.

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4 Responses to Somebody’s Going to be Pissed

  1. cat says:

    Made a mess of it – it looks like its smeared with vegemite

  2. caprandom says:

    Maybe use the "It was always like that" defense?

  3. An Ex-Expat says:

    Actually, its been quiety slipped into the trash.

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