Vote for Me!

Yesterday at school, the PSAT was administered to the lower classmen, the seniors relegated to either the library or cafeteria for a study hall, then early dismissal.  So son tells me yesterday was the unofficial senior hooky day.

Confirmed son's story and allowed him to stay home, but also told him he should not expect to lump around the house for the entire day either.  So by good happenstance, he has a civics project requiring 5 hours of volunteer election work for,  either candidate (son learned though that a teacher would provide extra extra credit if a student worked for the Democratic Party's campaign !!!) during this year's Virginia General Election.

Son went to the local campaign office for the Republican candidate for governor and spent 6 hours making cold calls.  Did not think son had it in him.  Son fortunately did not get any screamers, in fact most of the calls placed went  unanswered, but he said he heard some interesting voice mail intro messages.  He also got a couple of 'characters', like one who when asked if he was going to vote for the Republican candidate said, that he was part of a cult and couldn't decide until the cult decided {reminded me of the woman I spoke to during the presidential campaign who told me her son decides for her who she should vote for??!!!}. Or another person who at the end told son, 'Sorry, I don't vote'.  At the end, he was beat and said the ear to which he held the receiver to was buzzing.

Frankly I see a change at Richmond after November. The Democratic candidate has run a very negative campaign, focusing on solely social issues, which are not in the forefront right now, the message of which is that Virginia will descend into the dark ages if the Republican candidate is elected.  Frankly this man has been given some very bad advice.

The Republican candidate has in turn repudiated a paper he wrote many years ago, and turned the tables showing his support for his daughters as professional women and showing he's appointed women into positions of power within the state government.  He's also come up with ideas for dealing with Virginia issues (like traffic) which one may not agree with, but at least he's put forth ideas.



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