What Wrong With This Picture?






Well, a hint is imagining you are in the driver's seat of a vehicle, and you want to turn either left or right?    Can't see very much, can you?

The line of vehicles parked here is overflow parking from the nearby community college.  Now the stretch of road these vehicles are parked on is not marked off, so unless they are actually parked on someone's property there's not much that can be done through police enforcement( though one day, the police did stop and wrote a $50 ticket for one of these vehicles for expired registration).  As far as the college goes, when I pointed out they do have an obligation to be a good neighbor, the reply was, 'What do you expect us to do about this?'

 The office of the local county rep was contacted and got the 'calm the angry constituent line' from a staffer and I was not angry.  But what got me was being told that in mid November there would be a community meeting to see what the 'hotspots' are.  As she told me she has had numerous calls on this problem, I can't see why a community meeting is needed.

What is troubling is that yes, the wheels need to turn for a solution, but this is truly an accident waiting to happen.  Personally, I've had 2  drivers blow their horns at me as I was pulled out too far; but then if I don't  I can't see if it is safe to turn.  I've also witnessed a near-miss of a vehicle traveling south bound on this road  suddenly going into emergency brake mode as a vehicle coming out, pulled out on the mistaken belief the way was clear, but because of the vehicles parked, the driver of that vehicle couldn't see what was needed to see.

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