Day of Learning

 Son is looking and looking and looking for a job as he's got things on his shopping list (a car) that I am not in a position to provide.  In the meantime he's continuing an internship with the local pro lacrosse team and yesterday he went to help out again for a home game.

A bit different from last year, the home stadium is not at George Mason University, a maybe 20 minute drive from home, but now  at Navy Stadium 100 miles away (round trip) at Annapolis, MD.

Okay, I can still get him there as I am still unemployed and hell, since I am going that far, might as well stay a bit and make myself useful.  Now there is set up in the morning, then afternoon siesta, then the game in the evening and then clean up, take down afterwards, all ending at about 11:30; a long day anyway you cut it and all outside.

Son was not too pleased at the idea of me being there to 'embarrass' him. I was told the labor involved was way beyond me and I could have a heart attack.  Warning from son in mind, I drove him there and stayed don till noon, leaving to pick wife up at work back in Va.

The work was indeed 重労働 and while there was a breeze, Navy Stadium is an enclosed deep narrow bowl with not much air circulation.  So lots of heavy lifting, but I also thought they could have worked smarter.  Came home after picking the wife up, very tired and had to nap for a couple of hours.

Came back late at night to pick son up and was amazed at the volume of traffic coming and returning, don't these people have homes of their own?  Was told they had a good crowd, but the home team had their butts handed to them (19-9).

Son was not happy about me not letting him have part of a beer on the ride back home that  I consumed and then threw away. I explained to him, late Friday/early Saturday morning, underage, open container in a car, being stopped by a cop- not a good idea. Besides he can do waaaay better than Bud Lite (ugh!)

But he did all this without much complaint. so here I am the next day, with some very sore muscles and some new-found respect for what son is capable of.



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