Does It Really Show That Much?!

Today was and is the last day of this year I have to shuttle son between school (yeah!).  After dropping him off, as I usually do, I headed for a nearby Starbucks to wait until the time comes to pick him back up and drop him off at his base school.


Now I don't dress for work of course, and today I had on a pair of black jeans casual shirt, black down jacket and a weathered Johns Hopkins Lacrosse baseball cap.  My hair was neatly combed but had a one-day stubble as I don't shave every day.


Had a bunch of change in my pocket and rather than give the clerk some bills and get even more change, I stood  briefly counting out 0.75 cents, to pay for the small coffee I order, which including local sales tax  BTW costs $1.73 here.


As I was standing, counting out the change in my hand, a woman, probably in her early 70's walked by, looked at me and said, 'Do you have enough money for your coffee?'  "Its Christmas, so I'll pay for it if you'd like.'   I said I was fine, thank you, but that has really bummed me out.

There's being kind and then there's being frickin' お節介  too!


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4 Responses to Does It Really Show That Much?!

  1. pamik says:

    Ohhh! Ow.That was nice of her (I suppose), but still that must have sucked.

  2. bobr512_41 says:

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  3. An Ex-Expat says:


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