Do You Still Have Your Prom Dress?

Have an aunt on my mother's side, now pushing 90. Aside from going to undergraduate school and medical school, she's always been in the small podunk Eastern Ohio town she grew up in and had her own practice for over 50 years (she has probably delivered over half adult population in the town).  She's a pioneer of sorts as well for when she graduated from med school in 1943, she was among only 10 women in that graduating class. When her long-time nurse quit and probably her malpractice insurance premiums high, she closed her practice and now works at a free clinic.


She never married, well, actually she did, in her 60's, to a man, widowed, who she had known all her life and had purchased her succession of Fords from.  We, her nieces & nephews that is, call her 'Hurricane', for when younger, she barked at us as she probably barked at her interns and nurses.  She's mellowed though with age.


To the subject.  The town she lives in has started a historical society, and at a kickoff meeting, members of the community donated items of interest.  My aunt, donated of all  things, her prom dress, worn in 1936 stored in a box upstairs in her home.  My son was suitably impressed as when I showed him the photograph, he muttered; 'Damn, that was before WWII!".


Wonder how many other women still have their own prom dresses?



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2 Responses to Do You Still Have Your Prom Dress?

  1. cat says:

    not me – we don't have a prom, we have a formalI don't have my wedding dress either – I threw that in the bin a few years ago

  2. pamik says:

    Never went to a prom, so no prom dress.No wedding dress either because we didn't have a wedding.

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