God, only one more friggin' day until the political blabber on both sides stops! 


Spotted this is the Sunday edition of one of the local newspapers.  Am not looking for a new home (but given the change, I'd like to move out and flip the bird to the anal retentives who think they are 'in charge' of the HOA) so I don't usually give this section a second glance, but yesterday was different. 


In the now ten years I have lived here, I do not ever recall seeing something like this.

As far as my 'hood goes, there are 3 newly-built McMansions sitting vacant and another older house also for sale- for quite sometime.  But rather than worry about the problems of others, I need to be more concerned  about keeping the roof we have over our heads


The son is on a 4 day break, today being a holiday so the teachers can finalize grades for the 1st quarter (already!) and tomorrow of course is Election Day with all schools closed. Usually on such long weekends, WWIII breaks out between his mother and he, over too much time on the Xbox, computer, his grades (which really aren't that bad), why he isn't like so and so's son…… Scheech. So far its been fairly quiet.


Oh yes, that is tatami  you see in the photo.

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2 Responses to Scary

  1. Kimura says:

    Are the small letters below I read "foreclosures" the actual real estates? The list seems long (>_<).Nice tatami though.

  2. An Ex-Expat says:

    Yes, there are. Each is an indiviual house that has been foreclosed on.

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