His and Hers




No your eyes do not deceive you. I spotted this near our house.  The people who live there are actually quite nice to our son: giving him house-sitting gigs.   Have an idea of who supports who.


Have also, when there is time, voluntered at the local campaign office of the candiate of my choice.  Do cold phone calls: 'Hello, my name is______and I'm calling on behalf of________ '.  Get quite a cross-section of people- when someone picks up the phone that is.  Mostly I am routed to voice mail which I attrribute to people having caller ID and simply not picking up.  One elderly wonan, who did pick up amazed me when she said she had no idea  who she would cast her ballot for unitl her sons made up their minds. Hmmmm.  Some others who work the phones have gotten  some quite hostile people.  I up to now, have not, but that may change as election day looms closer.


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One Response to His and Hers

  1. pamik says:

    I've seen dueling signs around here too. And one interesting lawn with signs supporting all the Dem candidates for Senate and Congress and McCain.I work the phone banks for my candidate of choice too. I do a shift once a week. It's enough to make me feel like I'm making a contribution but not so much that I burn out. I've been doing it for 6 or 7 weeks now. Sometimes I get good lists and sometimes not so much. I like it when people who support the other candidate are cordial. Makes me feel like this may actually be a civilized society.

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