I Got to Play The Straight Man

Was a busy day yesterday. First picking junior up at his base school, driving him to the school where he takes his Japanese class, waiting and then driving him back to his base school.  Then back home, pick up the wife and take her to a flower arrangement class. Go back home then go back to pick her up and then drive her to work. Then go back home, wait a few minutes then take my son to his electric guitar lesson. Wait there, then go back home. Prepare dinner (Tilapia tempura w/made from scratch spicy sweet-sour sauce), then take son to his violin lesson. Drop him off, go to pick up wife at work, take her home and drop her off. Go back, pick up son from violin lesson and finally get back home.



You're tired too, right?


At least the dog had the right idea.



Anyway, on the way back to his base school, my son asked about when he need to take the SATs.

Me:  Don't think you are ready to take the SATs yet, given your PSAT score. Think you need to take a prep course and then take the SATs in the spring or summer of next year.


Him:  What's on the SAT?


Me: Math, reading vocabulary and an essay. The SAT is really an important test. It might not be the fairest of measure for kids going on to college, but with so many applying, I guess there is no other way.


Him: How about a death match?


Me:  [Interesting claymation visual]

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One Response to I Got to Play The Straight Man

  1. Wow, you sound like SuperDad!Oh, the SATs… they sucked.

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