Footloose in the East

Have started rereading (to save myself from the ordeal of daytime TV programming)  one of the books I  purchased from a used book store, which was published during WWII.




The book was written by a free spirit, who decides to take the long boat ride East before the war broke out.  From the distance of the many decades which have passed since he traveled, then wrote and had this book published, it is hilarious and poignant too.


The funniest moment I think was what he did when his ship docked at Yokohama.  On the immigration form there was the 'Reason for visiting Japan' (Things never change do they?).  He decided to put down, 'To kill the Emperor'.  Now remember, this was prewar, The-Emperor-is-God, Japan!


I have always wondered if the author is still alive: he'd be quite the geezer if he is.  But if he is and if he has his wits about him, I think it'd be interesting to spend an afternoon with him.


Have no idea if this book is still in print, but if you ever  come across a copy, get it and read it.

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