This Bud’s Not for You


Besides driving us both crazy this summer, my son has been interning with the local pro lacrosse team as event staff during their home games.  It’s pretty tough, he works from 08:00 and everything does not finish up until 23:00, and he hasn’t moaned or groaned about it.


At the last and final home game of the season, he had a good time. He was assigned to escort the mascot around. Got to try on the mascot's head and  I guess he got some attention too.  He was so pumped that he called me immediately after the final whistle to tell me what was going on and to ask if he could have some of the Bud Lite that was lying about. 


Told him twice ‘no’ as he is still underage, and amazingly, he did not drink any (had it’d been me, I’d not have asked in the first place and snuck a beer or two off)


Been wondering if part of why I told him ‘no’ is that if he is gong to drink beer, he can do waaaaay better than a Budweiser product.



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One Response to This Bud’s Not for You

  1. Wow, you must be doing something right as a father. That's a very healthy line of communication you have with your son!And yeah, budweiser would have put him off beer for life ; )

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